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1st place Hanoverian stallion approvals - Verden, Germany 2003
1st place Swedish WB stallion approvals - Flyinge, Sweden 2005
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Penny's first loving owners are Heidi and Hannah Lee (in photo), daughters of Dr. Sarah Lee and Chad Lee of the Lee Vet Clinic in Hawley, MN. Dr. Lee writes, "We got Penny in 2004, and I think she was about 2 years old at the time. Heidi was a preschooler when she started riding her. Penny's previous owner was a horse jockey and didn't want to invest the money into her to get her heal bulb laceration repaired, so he surrendered her to us instead of euthanizing her."

The Lee girls rode Penny bareback for years with only a halter and lead rope. When Penny came to the BEC, she learned how to wear a bridle and saddle. Penny loves all of the children who ride her.

Hannah and Heidi in 2013

Heidi on Penny in 2013

Heidi is a farrier now!