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1st place Hanoverian stallion approvals - Verden, Germany 2003
1st place Swedish WB stallion approvals - Flyinge, Sweden 2005
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Sir Owen

After the passing of Meadowe's Merrylegs, we looked into purchasing Sir Owen because of his tremendous show record and amount of schooling. We were too late and he was sold to someone else. Moving on, we purchased Starlight, and while she was on her way here, the deal on Sir Owen fell through and he was available. That is how we ended up with two wonderful Welsh ponies!

Teena Donaher, his previous owner, writes: "Sir Owen was breed in South Carolina on Andrea King farm. There he spent the first seven years of his life just growing up in a pasture of ponies. A local hunter/jumper professional trainer went to the barn and and bought him as a project to be resold. He had 60 days of professional training and then was being sent to New Jersey to train as a cart pony. When Sarah's (my daughter's) trainer heard about Owen and saw video she drove to Virginia that day to take a look at him. Owen was in Virginia resting for a day in a pasture, but one look at him, he was loaded back into a trailer heading south again. He arrived at the barn in October where Sarah was told her trainer needed her to help train this pony. She also got to name him Sir Owen. Little did she know that Sir Owen was going to be her Christmas present (She was 8). Sarah was thrilled Christmas morning when she went out to the barn and Owen's stall was decorated as a special present just for her, she literally jumped into my arms. Sarah and Owen literally grew up together learning the basics of...well everything!! He was very green!!! but everyone could see his potential. Sarah jumped him in several shows but her passion soon turned to dressage. She sadly outgrew Sir Owen in high school and he had too much to give to sit around being a pasture pony, he needed a job and was sadly sold. We often check up on him and LOVE to get updates on him. He is a very special pony."