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1st place Hanoverian stallion approvals - Verden, Germany 2003
1st place Swedish WB stallion approvals - Flyinge, Sweden 2005
Welcome to the Brady Equestrian Center ~ Established in 2004

BEC in 2004

Bruno, our first Swedish horse, the one who inspired it all!

Ride Swedish

"Ride Swedish:" This phrase was coined by Maverick Brady when he was 10 years old. We were at the doctor's office for a check up and the doctor was simply making conversation with him. He knew we had horses so he asked, "So, do you ride English or Western?"

Maverick replied, "We ride Swedish." What??? He was completely serious.

The doctor said, "Swedish? What's that?"

"Oh, you know...Swedish horses, Swedish trainers (Lisbeth and Ulf), Swedish have to sit up straight and have good posture and do certain moves like 'shoulder-in' and 'leg yielding.'"

Hey, the only reason my kids knew what shoulder-in meant was because I had to park them each in a corner of the arena to watch for Mommy to be on 3-tracks so they wouldn't be fighting.

It was too cute. I couldn't say anything. Maverick thought a dressage saddle was s Swedish saddle. Here is a photo of Maverick at age 13 riding "Swedish" on Mia.

The next photo, taken 6 years later, is Maverick showing off for the girls after a dressage schooling show that he can still ride "Swedish" on Rose.