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1st place Hanoverian stallion approvals - Verden, Germany 2003
1st place Swedish WB stallion approvals - Flyinge, Sweden 2005
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Figaro R

These photos are of Figaro at home and show his rideability and overall personality.

First Day Snapshots! He's here! Keep in mind, Margot Brady is 5'10." This stallion just naturally strikes a pose. We can't believe he's finally here!

First rides in USA! After Figaro's injury in Sweden, he had not been ridden for over two years. We thought it would be best for a professional to ride him first, after all, he is a stallion...

Annette Clemedtson of Sweden, Dressage Bereiter, was first to get on him

Meadowe Brady's first ride on Figaro, he's like a gelding!

Meadowe with Annette, "What an amazing stallion!"

Margot's first ride on Figge!

Lisbeth on Figaro for the first time!

Half pass on Figaro!

Cute lunging video from today (Recorded on May 1, 2015). Not in too bad of shape for a stallion who hasn't been worked in 2 years!

Rideability? Meadowe cantering on Figaro, first time, no stirrups, of course! He's like a gelding schoolmaster!

Asking for videos of what he produces? Check out this collection!

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