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1st place Hanoverian stallion approvals - Verden, Germany 2003
1st place Swedish WB stallion approvals - Flyinge, Sweden 2005
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Maestro came to us on Christmas Day 2014! He was rated Class I as a yearling by the Swedish judges and then earned a 71.6% in USDF Dressage Sport Horse Prospects (In-Hand).

Maestro had quite the dressage career in California where he won numerous Year End awards from SWANA and USDF. He qualified for the Region 7 Dressage Championships in 2001 and 2002, was the top SWB 5 year old competing at 1st level and above in 2002, and was a participant in the USDF video On The Levels in 2003. Maestro was competed through Fourth Level dressage by his original owner, Patricia Aiken.

His next owner, Elizabeth Cross enjoyed learning dressage on him for 8 years before he came to us. She trained him for many fun tricks such as how to shake hands, count, bow, and smile!

Elizabeth Cross and Maestro

Maestro is highly sought after as a lesson horse due to the combination of his gentle temperament and advanced schooling. He will easily stabilize the unbalanced rider and is very forgiving to beginners. For the advanced rider, his half pass and flying changes are a real treat. Although he's not a big horse at only 15.1 hands, his gaits are huge. Take a look at his pedigree: sire is Master and dam is by Lambert, the grandsire of our Vero (on SWB page). Vero was also shown at Fourth Level and the recipient of many Year End awards from USDF and SWANA. Looks like dressage runs in the family...and...even Santa says "Ride Swedish!"
 Master 850 Ceylon 454 Jovial 369
 Bellis Iran 533
 Zuleika Lambert 589 Emir 471
 Uganda Utrillo 432

Maestro (reg. Morocco) was chosen to be a participant in the USDF video On The Levels in 2003

Dressage Association of Southern California Champion 2001

Maestro (left) meets his sister Mia (right)