Figaro R
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1st place Hanoverian stallion approvals - Verden, Germany 2003
1st place Swedish WB stallion approvals - Flyinge, Sweden 2005
Welcome to the Brady Equestrian Center ~ Our Services


Boarding: We have three options for boarding (all boarding options have discounts for horses in training, breeding, or MNbred foaling programs):
  1. indoor heated barn: 11' x 12' stalls with wooden floors, automatic waterers, floor heat to 40°F in winter, air exchanger. Rate: $16/day or $480/month in summer; $17.50/day or $525/month in winter (Nov-Feb)
  2. indoor cold barn: 10' x 10' stalls with wooden floors; electric heated water buckets in winter. Rate: $15/day or $450/month in summer; $16/day or $480/month in winter (Nov-Feb).
  3. outdoor board: all outdoor board horses receive grain and vitamins once daily and have 24 hour access to grass hay in round bales. Rate: $12/day or $360/month in summer; $13/day or $390/month in winter (Nov-Feb).
Indoor board includes daily turnout during the day or night (reverse turnout in summer) to a paddock with a run-in shelter, automatic waterer, and round bale of grass hay. Indoor board horses not turned out receive three flakes of hay twice daily. The cost of one scoop of grain (custom mix formulated by equine nutritionist) fed twice daily and Equishine Vitamins once daily is included in board.

*Please note, prices are subject to change.*

We provide a custom diet designed by Craig Sandmire, Equine Nutritionist, of Doctor's Choice Supplements including free Equishine vitamins for horses boarding with us. We are also distributors for these supplements. Please contact us for more information.